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Head Pro / Director

Mark Gottfried

Mark is a top-ranked Canadian professional pickleball player and coach, finding his love for the sport back in 2019. 

Mark shares his passion and knowledge for the game by leading clinics and programming across the GTA for thousands of pickleball enthusiasts, ranging from beginner to high performance programs. He is an active tournament player and member of Selkirk’s AMPED Team competing in both the U.S and Canada. 

He recently won the 2023 Canadian National Pickleball League (CNPL) title with Toronto United PC, holding the best mixed-doubles record.

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Head Pro

Daniel Gottfried

Daniel is a top ranked Canadian pro who played competitive hockey and spent his summers teaching at tennis camp. He was introduced to pickleball in 2019 and hasn’t looked back since, now part of Selkirk’s AMPED team, competing both in the U.S. and Canada. He emphasizes grassroots community engagement and enjoys helping both recreational and competitive players hone their skills. 

He won the 2023 Canadian National Pickleball League (CNPL) title with Toronto United PC.

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Ian Rosen

Ian was introduced to Pickleball over 15 years ago and has continued playing and growing the sport across the GTA. Ian is a respected community leader and advocate for the game who enjoys teaching new and experienced players alike. Off the courts, Ian enjoys staying active through strength and mobility training, yoga, and meeting the community.

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Coach/Community Manager

Guy Man

Being a member at Forest Hill Tennis Club for many years, guy became the supervisor and handled all of the administrative duties of the club. After graduating from University and working at Deloitte, Guy decided to start a summer tennis league targeted towards fellow CPA's across the GTA, growing the league from 88 to 320 members at its peak.

Always fond of racquet sports, and having played tennis, squash, and ping pong recreationally growing up, Guy took a keen interest in Pickleball, soon amassing a network of skilled players and coordinating games and tournaments on a regular basis for the Vaughan community, while also being a Certified Level 2 pickleball coach. We are happy to have Guy as he looks to introduce and expand our current program offerings within the community.

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Amy Hiltz

Amy was an avid tennis player until she was introduced to Pickleball a few years ago. Since then, she has dedicated her time to growing the sport and honing her skills. She enjoys the competitive nature of the game and continues to play in tournaments in Canada and the USA. Amy's dedication extends to sharing her expertise and encouraging greater participation in the sport.

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Brendan Phung

Starting at the young age of 12, Brendan is one of Canada's rising pickleball pros. Besides Pickleball, he played competitive floor hockey, volleyball, and badminton. 

Brendan continues to medal in many open division tournaments across Ontario, joining forces with coach Darrin in Men's doubles events. 

He is currently part of Selkirk’s rising junior team and strives to promote a competitive and engaging pickleball environment where players can effectively and efficiently hone their skills.

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Darrin Harnandan-Wang

Darrin is a top ranked ranked Canadian pickleball pro who was introduced to the game in 2017 with experience competing in squash, badminton, and volleyball. His passion and dedication to the game of pickleball at only 20 years old has allowed him to not only compete and the highest level but also provide knowledge to others trying to learn the game.

Darrin regulalry heads the U.S to compete alongside fellow OPA Head Pro Mark Gottfried, medalling in Men’s Doubles 5.0 skill at the 2022 PPA Hertz National Championships in Orlando Florida.

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